History is our Future


Besides experimental vineyards and innovative refining processes in terracotta amphorae, BdM Winery is a future-oriented reality, with roots well built in the past, aimed to place in every bottle the richness of an unparalleled territory.


Height hectares of vineyard, divided in small parcels, where there still are agronomic studies ongoing, in order to introduce a “company land zoning”, that will be taken inside our wines.


On the above basis, we have realized our little wine cellar, with small steel silos, for having the possibility to separate the products coming from the individual parcels.

Productive Philosophy


The passion of the grandfather Raffaele, has led Giuseppe, Emiddia, Sonia and Lella to inaugurate an oenological project, designed to the clear identification of Mt. Vesuvius as unique territory, being the only active vulcano of Continental Europe. 


Bosco de’ Medici is the implementation of a dream that comes from the afar, but is also a company led by young people, because the experimental aspect and the desire to find new interpretations are ever present in every oenological solution.

The Palomba family

Bosco de’ Medici is the result of the desire of its founder, Raffaele Palomba, and of his dream to create a company able to produce wines that would express the history and the terroir of these lands.


The grandchildren Giuseppe, Emiddia, Sonia and Lella have continued his job, inheriting and transforming the company into a modern and elegant location, beating heart of the wine production.