The first letter of Plinio the Younger to Tacito

“On the 24th of August, about one in the afternoon, my mother desired him to observe a cloud which appeared of a very unusual size and shape. He had just taken a turn in the sun93 and, after bathing himself in cold water, and making a light luncheon, gone back to his books: he immediately arose and went out upon a rising ground from whence he might get a better sight of this very uncommon appearance. A cloud, from which mountain was uncertain, at this distance (but it was found afterwards to come from Mount Vesuvius), was ascending, the appearance of which I cannot give you a more exact description of than by likening it to that of a pine tree, for it shot up to a great height in the form of a very tall trunk, which spread itself out at the top into a sort of branches; occasioned, I imagine, either by a sudden gust of air that impelled it, the force of which decreased as it advanced upwards, or the cloud itself being pressed back again by its own weight, expanded in the manner I have mentioned; it appeared sometimes bright and sometimes dark and spotted…” 

The incredibile report about the death of Plinio the Elder here:

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Pompeii, the inhabitants and the wine


Bosco de’ Medici estate is located in a site, in the suburb of the ancient city, out of the so- called Porta Sarno.

From this “Porta”, once, there was the Pompeian “chora”, which was the agricultural side, covered by vineyards and olive trees.

A big territory, with lots of farms, whose one of them is still there, Villa Regina (Boscotrecase), witness of a fertile viticultural market, of the roman age.

These ancient  Wineries used to produce at least 30.000 of lites per year.

.These wines represented the flagship of the Campania Felix and they were protagonists of many symposia and feasts in the whole ancient Mediterranean.

Pompeii Today

The Archeological Site of Pompeii is witness of an ancient world. The city is still intact after the eruption of 79 AD, that destroyed everything in the area.

Today people that visit Pompeii are more than 3,5 million every year.

More than 4 million if we consider all the Vesuvius archeological sites.